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Thank Your Cleaner Day in Indonesia

Kärcher Indonesia:

Kärcher Indonesia was founded in 2014 as a foreign subsidiary of the Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG.  As a local, legal entity, Kärcher Indonesia is also known as PT Kärcher. The head office is located in BSD City, Tangerang, Indonesia and currently employs 45 people including direct employees and leasing employees. The sale of Home & Garden products for end customers is mostly conducted indirectly through dealers, which enables us to penetrate traditional markets, DIY stores, electronics stores, e-commerce and Kärcher centers. Kärcher Indonesia also disposes of three major Kärcher centers, which are located in BSD City, Cikarang and Surabaya. The Professional products are sold through direct and indirect distribution, which is mostly B2B oriented.

Our Partner ARSA Indonesia:

ARSA Indonesia is one of the local Stop Facilities Services solutions in Indonesia. ARSA provides various services including cleaning services, integrated pest control systems, security services, landscape services, office support services and outsourcing solutions. The largest service is the one of cleaning, which hires over 1,000 cleaners to cover the entire service area in Java and Sumatera. A training the staff with the knowledge and experience, supported by a high level of initiative and appropriate demeanour through a comprehensive training and development programme, has enabled ARSA to provide an excellent service package.


When the tools and other work equipment are selected, various aspects that are highly important for the operation of a sustainable service are taken into account. The quality, efficiency, effectiveness and convenience of the tools are one of the reasons why so many clients and staff choose ARSA.


Apart from that, the company believes that a plan, organization, mobilization, monitoring and control must be put into an integrated system. ARSA is able to meet all these requirements by making a breakthrough in the field of information technology. This enables ARSA to address the changes in the field of industrial automation 4.0.

Contact Person:

Kärcher Indonesia

Foresta Business Loft 3 Unit 8 & 9

Jl. BSD Boulevard Raya, BSD City, Tangerang,  Banten



Imelda Nussy

Phone: +62 813 17407898