Thank Your Cleaner Day – Powered by Kärcher


Recognition for professional cleaners for their contribution in the fight against coronavirus

In the time of the current corona crisis, the central role professional cleaners play in our society is more evident than ever. They ensure safety and hygiene on a daily basis - for example in supermarkets, hospitals, public facilities or transport.

Cleaning plays a major role in depriving pathogens such as the novel corona virus of their livelihood. After all, dirt provides a breeding ground for microorganisms until they can enter the human organism and multiply. In a clean, well-maintained environment that is cleaned regularly, the risk of transmission is minimized considerably. Disinfection measures are also only effective if floors, surfaces etc. have been cleaned of dirt beforehand. Thorough cleaning has been proven to remove over 90 percent of microorganisms and germs from surfaces.

Thus, the work of professional cleaners is an essential component in the fight against pathogens such as the coronavirus, which deserves our recognition.

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